Ghostship by TETI group at Kulturfolger, Zurich.

A café turned ghost ship. The café de la marine is a project that recreates the ambiance of a seaside café with contemporary artistic reflections engaging with the imaginaries of our globalised societies. The café de la Marine is designed to operate as a small maritime museum, showcasing artworks by contemporary artists who engage with maritime history and spaces. The project follows on the Teti group previous exhibition and workshop ‘Hinterland’ at Corner College in 2018, that reflected on the pervasiveness of maritime economics at the heart of continental territories. In Switzerland, maritime corridors extend from the Gothard to Genova, and from the Basel Freeport to the North Sea. The cafe de la marine aims to engage in both a critical and humorous way with maritime imaginaries as they continue to crystallize seminal loci of contemporary socio-natural transformations. Amongst the different artefacts that constitute the café, mugs originating from various harbors throughout the world feature prominently. The ghost ship mug embodies the spectral life of the café de la marine.

Ghost ship is a month long spectral project by Teti group at @kulturfolger, Zurich, which explores global uncertainties through maritime lenses and spatial displacement.

Thank you to Kulturfolger for hosting the Ghost ship, which is supported by the Guggenheim Stiftung. @gabrielneilgee @ame_lie_chen @alorsannelaure @davidjacques64 @lukianska @gregoreay @side_issues @damianchristinger @kulturfolger @franklin_switz @lacapraia #corapiantoni#ghostship#lecafedelamarine#tetigroup#kulturfolger#lacapraia#franklinuniversity#guggenheimstiftung#brouillard#terreur#spectres#rêverie Visa mindre